Friday, 7 September 2007


The Barnes foundation has put in a proposal for its new location on Museum Row, where the new facility will feature the foundations multi-billion dollar collection. In addition to the works on display the building will also house some new for profit aspects of the Barnes foundation, including "art slotmachines" and a home shopping type channel that will be broadcast from the center, featuring a store on location selling Barnes foundation based merchandise. The big twist in the proposal for the new facilities is that the foundation wants to also house the Youth Study Center, Philadelphia's Youth Detention hall. The concept here is that the troubled youth can learn about art and culture, while the Youth Study Center can learn about the culture of these young Philadelphians. The new combined facilities points the Barnes foundation in the direction of Dr. Albert C. Barnes educational intent for the foundation. The plans for the new building feature some eccentric architecture exhibiting such things as huge flat pannel tellevisions. Click on the link take a visual tour of the proposed facility.

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